Strandverket Konsthall full av historia

The story of Strandverket

Strandverket Art Museum is situated on the island of Mastrand, within the old fortification known as Södra Strandverket, built in the mid-1800s to protect the island inhabitants against the Danes. Today, the building is open to anyone. 

The Art Museum opened in 2012 under the artistic direction of Hasse Persson. As of February 2017 Strandverket Art Museum is run by the municipality of Kungälv and Pål Svensson is the Artistic Director.

Strandverket offers the possibility for meetings within the breadth and depth of the arts, between the  immortalised and ephemeral, different genres and, above all, between visitors to Strandverket. There is also a sculpture park in the courtyard inside the walls, and a couple of sculptures outside and by the neighbouring swimming spot. 

The island of Marstrand – a love story for many. The town of Marstrand was founded already in the 1200s and is a veritable history book. Houses covered in roses and honeysuckle, moss-covered stone seats, slippery rocks and everywhere the presence of the salty ocean.

Today, the island is perhaps most famous for its annual sailing races during summer, when 100 000 people walk along its quays in just a week. But for those that really know Marstrand, it is a place to visit all year round, one that offers culture and entertainment, hiking, kayaking and lobster fishing. And, of course, Strandverket Art Museum!

Strandverket Art Museum has three exhibition periods each year; one in Spring, one in Summer/early Autumn and one in Winter. Information about current exhibitions

Strandverket Bistro offers lunch and coffee. The Art Museum's shop sells Strandverket's own and unique exhibition catalogues, as well as posters, art books, designer items selected from small-scale series.

Information about our opening hours, entrance fees and directions can be found here.